In the News

Trinidad & Tobago’s Newsday

Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago

“Participants of the Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Camp received medical history bracelets yesterday from camp organizers at the closing ceremony at Miner Hall, University of the West Indies’ St. Augustine Campus, yesterday.”

Source: Newsday August 8, 2011 on Page 9

Road Bike Magazine

CARE Medical History Bracelet Partners with Akuma

“My personal favorite product of the show was the new Akuma Streetfighter MID (Medical Information Device) glove. It has an incorporated CARE Medical History Bracelet built into the cuff and an emergency ID symbol on the gauntlet. In the event a rider is in an accident and rendered unconscious, EMTs often check the wrist for medic alert bracelets….”

Source: RoadBike Magazine by Steve Lita

San Antonio Business Journal

Healthcare Heroes Award – Healthcare Innovator

Medical equipment company, CARE Medical History Bracelet, has developed a new application designed to furnish ready access to a person’s medical information if a person is faced with a medical emergency.

Source: San Antonio Business Journal

San Antonio Business Journal

WellMed Medical Management

Healthcare San Antonio-based WellMed Medical Management, along with CARE Medical History Bracelet, is putting 30,000 of its patients’ medical records at their fingertips. Actually, it’s putting the information on their wrists.

Source: San Antonio Business Journal

The City of Fort Worth

Special Needs Assistance Program

In any emergency, good information is crucial. That’s why the City of Fort Worth has purchased the CARE Medical History Bracelet for constituents — to ensure assistance is available when disasters strike.

Source: The City of Fort Worth Website